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Student Empowerment and Leadership Training

The Leader in Me

Student Empowerment and Leadership Training
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The Leader in Me is a process model that Martinez Elementary School uses to teach students leadership and life skills while helping them achieving academic excellence. It is aligned with best-in-class teaching concepts and complements the academic standards established by the Colorado Department of Education.

The Leader in Me model ensures Martinez is not teaching to test scores, but is developing children to their fullest potential. Students at Martinez build a strong foundation in reading, writing and arithmetic, while also meeting state academic requirements and learning and applying 21st century skills.

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The teachers and administration at Martinez use The Leader in Me model, which is a FranklinCovey Education initiative, to create an environment where children learn and grow socially, emotionally, academically and ethically. The Leader in Me creates a culture of empowerment that prepares each student at Martinez to excel in middle school and teaches children how to lead and affect change.

Bobbie Long

"Martinez Elementary School is distinct and unique because we focus on the whole child. We believe every child has greatness, and we help students build upon their greatness through academics, The 7 Habits and social opportunities and clubs."

 — Bobbie Long, Principal

The Martinez staff have produced outstanding results in student outcomes with The Leader in Me model. As a result, Martinez received Lighthouse status in 2015. Less than 10 percent of schools participating in The Leader in Me process have achieved this milestone.

The success Martinez Elementary School has had with The Leader in Me model comes from having the support of all the teachers and staff, along with strong parental involvement.

When children walk through the doors of Martinez they enter an environment overflowing with messages, opportunities and lessons linking traditional academics with the skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century.

The Leader in Me model affects everything at Martinez. Every aspect of the school, from teacher instruction to how the curriculum is presented to extra-curricular activities and events, promotes student empowerment and connects to the school’s vision and mission.

"The nature of the relationships among the adults who inhabit a school has more to do with its quality and character, and with the accomplishments of its pupils, than any other factor."

 — Roland S. Barth, Founder of The Principals' Center at the Harvard Graduate School of Education